How To Choose A Support Co-ordinator

How do I choose a support coordinator?

Since the implementation of the NDIS in 2016, there has been huge growth in the disability services sector. It can be difficult to know which service provider to choose.

When choosing a support coordinator or plan manager you need to consider the following questions:

  • Is the health support coordinator impartial?
  • Does their business also offers support services or are they totally independent?
  • Do they communicate clearly in words you can understand?
  • How much experience do they have in the disability sector?
  • How well do they know the NDIS?
  • Do they have a good rapport with you?
  • Is your provider focused on helping you achieve your goals?

A good support coordinator will have intimate knowledge of the NDIS and be focused on achieving the best support outcomes for you. Speak to GILDA Care now about your own needs and let us help you find the right support person for you.